Dear Google 

Why oh why oh why did you have to go and ally yourself with nasty Nestlé? How on Earth am I going to live without your wonderful services now that I will have to boycott you with the rest of Nestlé's minions?

Android KitKat? Really?! This non-fairtrade "Fairtrade" chocolate is bad enough, but for me the issue with Nestlé is the same as it's always been - the shamelessly aggressive marketing of infant formula. Nestlé violates every WHO code they possibly can to get at the vulnerable new mothers, particularly in developing countries where there is less protection against such predatory tactics, but also here in safe Europe.

I use Google every day for anything and everything I need to know. My main personal email is on Gmail. I'm even co-writing a scientific paper via Google Drive!

So thanks Google. Thanks for making me utterly dependent on you, only to pull your services away from under me (... sound familiar?).

Sincerely (no longer) yours,
Dr Malin a.k.a. Everlasting

Nestlé's minions (graphic from Unlatched).


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